Why Virtual Reality Is Important For Your Business

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It’s 2015. We have pictures of Pluto’s surface. We can 3D print prosthetic limbs. There is a plane that folds into a car (For Real). But what everyone is talking about is that we can place someone in a virtual reality experience more believable and immersive than ever before.


Why is everybody talking about it? Because it is the future of almost every industry and because it’s really, really cool.


The possibilities are endless, and awe-inspiring experiences are already being created. How would you like to fly like superman or stand on stage with Paul McCartney?


Virtual Reality is quickly becoming tangible, and it’s not just available to techy types tinkering away in dark rooms, but to you. It’s still in its early days, but that is all the more reason to get involved today. Facebook is involved and Zuckerberg, ever the catalyst, will have huge plans starting almost immediately to get this tech into the hands of the public, and your customers. Nokia, too is said to be unveiling some super-secret VR project, cloaked in mystery. The hype around it all is unbelievable.


It’s not just gimmicky fun either. Giving somebody a realistic hands-on experience can be used for much more than entertainment. Veterans experiencing PTSD can be offered rehabilitating recreations, it is being used to train pilots and drivers, it can cure fear of flying, and it is even being used within robotic surgery. This list is merely scratching the surface of what it can and is being used to achieve.


Immersive Technology


It also doesn’t have to mean big bucks, as there are a whole host of options from the likes of the Oculus Rift and Morpheus, right through to the Google Cardboard.


So what’s it to you, right? Well, what isn’t it to you?


This is the future of gaming, of browsing the web, of watching films and TV, of advertising, of education. It is the start of things we currently can’t even imagine.


Training of ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti at NASA JSC fac


The last thing to know is the most important, and is what will separate what you do from what everyone else does. The technology will change and evolve, but what is so special about VR is people’s ideas. Virtual Reality is simply a platform for people to live and breathe your stories first hand. Getting the content right is essential.


What puts one experience above another is how effectively it will transport the user to another world, to live in a moment so vivid it might as well be reality, or perhaps even an alternate one. By bringing to your audience spectacular and memorable scenes in which their senses are tantalized by stunning visuals, engaging sounds and that bizarre feel-like-you’re-moving effect that VR has, the experience will be much more intense and effective. In today’s world, content is everything and this is the most adventurous, most immersive platform yet.


Maybe you don’t know right now how or what, maybe not even why, but this is something you need to know about, need to read about and need to try for yourself soon.


Want to look into this further? That’s where we come in. Creative content-providing whizzes, we know the right things and the right people to guide you through this new experience. We’ve created VR for everything from training experiences to to short films. Get in touch today to talk to us about what VR can do for you.