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book trailers


As the power of social media grows and grows, many businesses are tapping into the power of animation, as a method of standing out from the crowd in an over-saturated timeline, barely glanced at as it is scrolled through. With GIFs becoming a widely shared format, having a large stopping and sharing power. When scrolling through a myriad of still images, even simple animation can stand out. This can be particularly true within the publishing industry.

We have created full book trailers, up to over a minute in length, to looping ten second animated cover GIFs. Check out our animated book covers here.

Delving deeper than an animated cover, we use a motif or theme to base our animations on. Sometimes copy will be used, essentially making the trailer an animated blurb for the book.


Below is a selection of our most recent book trailers.




This trailer for Slade House built on the existing beauty of the cover art – the different elements making up the full image worked well by adding them in separately like a patchwork. The constant movement of something within the frame sparks an interest – you need to stay on your toes. Using quotes, much like in a film trailer sells the reputation of the book and gets across powerful sales messages in a visually pleasing way.


David Mitchell Book Trailers



This animated book trailer, based on the cover artwork of Yaa Gyasi’s debut novel, Homegoing, was used to detail the themes, locations and messages of the book, whilst still creating mystery and the desire to find out more.



We were thrilled to be approached by Walker Books to create a fast-paced YA book trailer for the new Alex Rider novel Never Say Die. Based on the illustration design from the covers, we created an almost comic strip style, and used pacing and editing techniques similar to action film trailers to create excitement and intrigue.





We were tasked with creating three cinematic book trailers for Laini Taylor’s Strange The Dreamer. They needed to capture the magic and beauty of the prose, as well as merge the differing visuals of the US and UK book jackets.
Using the motif of a fluttering moth – something which was present on both covers, and we used a colour palette blend of both covers. The book trailers focused on the language and poetry of the book, so we illustrated various quotes, whilst still maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue.



The cover of Butcher’s Hook (or at least, one of them) is patterned with illustrated motifs which we travel through in this trailer. As we move throughout, the basic plot is given to us in subtitles, building intrigue, working in exactly the way the blurb on the back cover would. The music was used to communicate the era of the book, as well as the mood and tone.



This lighthearted animation captures the selling point of this book. Sure, it’s science – but it’s popular science that is easily digestible and explained in a humorous way, and using a recognisable series.



The mystery of the cover was perfect for this book, so we didn’t move too much away from it. giving the audience just enough to make an assumption is sometimes all you need to draw them in. The subtle animation is eye-catching and shows off the all important pack shot.



The book trailer for The Cruelty was created using existing live action footage which we then edited and added in animated elements. This was very stylistic, and the client was after an almost Tarantino feel with the final video.



For Release, the client wanted this book trailer to create a sense of mood and atmosphere without giving away too much of the plot. Working with the striking cover and colour scheme, we created this conceptual video to tease ans of Patrick Ness.



This was one of our very first book trailer creations, and took less of the traditionally animated approach. The author was very clear he didn’t want us to reveal the character’s face, so we found other ways to show the emotions and feelings of this character at a pivotal part at the start of the book.