Architectural Animation

We create high quality, photo-real renderings of exterior and interior architectural animation and stills. Working with the very best tools and cutting edge GPU rendering technology, we produce engaging and effective visuals.

architectural animation still

Architectural visluastion helps architects and developers look to sell their ideas, sell units, gather support for their project and to show off their beautiful creations before they are built. With the rise of 3D software packages and rendering software, architectural animation and imagery have increasingly been created using CGI, and in the last few years a lot of this has moved from being an outsourced specialist service to something that a lot of architects can do in house using their existing 3D modelling and design packages.

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From a marketing perspective this can be where VFX and animation studios can really bring something else to the table. Animation companies are always focussed on the visuals, telling a story and conveying key messages effectively. An architect these days is likely to have a Sketchup model, or a model of their building in Rhino, which can be easily translated into the software used by VFX and animation companies. The building can then be given photo-realistic textures and material properties and physically modelled lighting to show the building in any lighting condition, day or night, sunset and through all the four seasons. On top of this the model can be rendered with movement of the virtual camera position, the lighting effects, people in scene, anything you can think of.

architectural animation collection

Think of it like having the ultimate architectural photography experience, positioning the photographer anywhere in the real finished environment, and having total control of the conditions to get the perfect shot.

The shots that are created are put together into a edit like any movie, and needs to convey a message and tell a story visually. Things have moved a long way from having a camera fly robotically through through a 3D model. We have trusted partners who can capture aerial drone footage, either to use straight as live footage, or as a template for us to implement our CGI around.

Creating movement and dynamism by adding people into a scene can also help to add realism. We can both create 3D models of CG people, as well as shoot live action on green screen to integrate within the animation.