We Work In Cornwall- This Is Why

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Cornwall: famous for golden beaches, cream teas and Ross Poldark.

Some people are under an illusion that you can’t have a career or business in Cornwall. It’s too far away from anywhere. It’s too far behind the times. Nothing goes on. As an animation studio based in the county, we are here to tell you this is simply not true.


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Not only is Cornwall idyllic, homely and a haven of food, drink and adventure, it’s brilliant for business.


The first area in the country to be fitted with superfast broadband, Cornwall is often likened to The Silicon Valley itself. A buzzing hub of creatives and techies alike, the county boasts thriving companies working in software, design, film and new media.


It’s the scenic location that keeps us here, and it’s also what brings swarms of new, skilled workers to the county. A wealth of talent packed with experience, creative instincts and innovation is leaving the cities and heading towards the seaside, fuelled by a lust for beautiful countryside and exciting opportunities.

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Part of Cornwall’s key to success is the collaboration between thriving start-ups, blending their niche skills to create a one-stop shop for companies based further afield. Cornwall’s friendly “everyone knows everyone” mantra makes for excellent communication within the business community and effective partnerships are constantly forming.


Cornwall is also no stranger to new ideas. The “agile” work process is championed by 500 companies around the world. Agile dictates an evolutionary and flexible work pipeline, enabling continuous improvement and responsive results. This is fully embraced by many local companies in all manner of industries.


Agile on The Beach is a two-day conference, held on the Cornish Coast and attracts delegates from around the world. Pioneering forward thinking and the most efficient working practices, Agile on The Beach represents Cornwall’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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As for the newly graduated, schemes have been put in place by Unlocking Potential, in order to capture and keep hold of local talent. Aiding both employers and employees during the hiring process, Unlocking Potential also runs training days, courses and networking events to ensure an easy transition from graduation into the professional world, the first step towards a successful career.


We work in Cornwall because we love it. Finish work and head straight to the beach. Eat a proper pasty, followed by a delicious cream tea. A pint of Rattler or Betty Stoggs on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Walking the coastal paths and soaking in the spectacular views in our spare time. It all feeds into the great work that is being done here in the Duchy.


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So lets run through it all:

Thriving business conditions: Check

Innovative work environment: Check

Pool of skilled employees: Check

High quality of life: Check

Heritage and cultural identity: Check

Pasties: Check


Want a slice of the action? Come and work with a business in Cornwall and enjoy the benefits we love. We’re friendly, hardworking, connected and talented. We love what we do and we love where we do it, meaning we are some of the most dedicated and passionate companies around. It’s also the best excuse for a trip to the beautiful Cornish countryside.


Come on down, scones on us.


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