5 Reasons Why it’s Good To Work With A Small Business

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We come under the “SME” umbrella, but that’s a pretty wide berth.


Working from a core team of three, augmented by incredibly talented freelancers from all over the world, we have taken on projects that would make companies many times the size of us sweat.


Functioning as a small business can be tough, but being small doesn’t mean thinking small. Here are five ways we think a small company can take on a much larger organisation.


1. Flexible


Staying small means we can be flexible – we can swell and shrink when needed. It also means we can handpick the right talent for each project, rather than juggling huge departments, or expecting staff members to be Jack-of-All-trades. Need a character artist? Hire the contractor who also works for Pixar.


With a small team, it means things don’t have to get complicated, we are responsive as we communicate directly and regularly with everyone involved in the project. Our pipelines can change to suit the best needs of the project, rather than being adjusted to fit with established working habits.


2. Lower overheads


A smaller team means lower overheads, which in turn means a lower cost to the client. By working efficiently we can save time by avoiding unnecessary process heavy workflows, being able to get stuck in straight away and put out time into the creative aspects, making it look great for our client.


3. Personal touch


As a small business it means we get really involved in our projects and we can bring a genuine personal touch. This helps to create a much more bespoke and creative end result. We often try to meet with our clients, even if they are located somewhere else in the country. A business needs repeat clients to achieve long term success, one off contracts can be great, but you can’t plan on them. We want to begin a relationship which holds longevity, as it’s rewarding for both us and the client.


4. Technology


Technology can conquer many factors which previously would have caused problems. As a small business, we use a lot of the same tech that much larger companies do, and more. We have a ‘special black box’, a unique rendering machine built specially for our needs. It means we can get through work much quicker and more effectively, in such a fast moving industry it benefits us and our clients to be able to stay on the cutting edge.


We are adaptable, we haven’t committed millions to a specific way of working, we’re always using the latest techniques and technologies to ensure we are as efficient as we can be, and in today’s technology climate that can change very quickly.


5. Family culture


One of our favourite things about working in a small company is that you know everyone really well. Communication is key and our clients can email or phone and get a fast response and be speaking with a company director who can answer your questions directly. There’s no panic in the mornings trying to remember the name of Tina in accounts – we’re a bunch of friends working together. It also means we all get know our clients really well, having time to bond on a personal level as well as professional.