Six 2017 Recommendations For Creatives

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In today’s modern society, we have untapped resources on everything. Want to eat healthy? Buy a book, read a blog, pin a recipe, tweet for suggestions – the content is out there.


As creatives, we like to have our ears to the ground and to be in touch with ideas. Sometimes this plethora of resources an be overwhelming, so here are six genuinely useful or inspirational things we think make us more creative creatives


This list is curated by us, and we really do recommend all of these things from real experience and real love. We genuinely believe all the below make us more well rounded.


So go forth; listen, read, watch, interact, attend, and make 2017 the year you unleash your creativity.


Every Frame a Painting

every frame a painting creatives

We’ve spoken about EFP numerous times before, but this wholly deserves the top spot on this list. We all devour this incredibly well crafted content, feeling genuinely inspired after each episode.


EFP is a YouTube Channel, it’s own description being : “Every Frame a Painting is dedicated to the analysis of film form. Pictures and sound all the way, baby”.


Each episode focuses on a specific film trope or technique, and often a particular filmmaker who really nails it. Tony Zhou the creator and presenter takes us through various scenes,  analysing each creative decision that has been made. Don’t be put off by thinking this sounds like a boring lecture, most videos are below ten minutes and are so well crafted, written and edited that you’ll be clicking “Play Next” once it’s over.


Particular favourites include Akira Kurosowa on Composing Movement, Edgar Wright on Visual Comedy, and David Fincher just being David Fincher.


These videos are so clever, deeply engaging and a must not only for anyone interested in film and video, but anyone involved in design, sound, storytelling or directing an audience.


Now Here’s The Thing


Klaxon: This podcast involves Alec Baldwin.


Now that you are convinced on this already, I’ll go into a little more detail.


NHTT is a talk show which goes further. Each episode Baldwin hosts an intimate conversation with, in the show’s own words, “artists, policy makers and performers”, discussing their often humble beginnings, their rise to the top of their industry and their life experiences throughout their career. They talk through their inspirations and decisions, mistakes and successes, all guided by the silky tones of Alec Baldwin.


He has a slightly unusual interviewing technique, it feels much more like a chat between old friends than a podcast, and often Alec falls into fits of laughter, genuinely enjoying the company of his guest.


The guests of this podcast are extremely iconic, undoubtedly one or more of your creative or cultural heroes will have made an appearance.


Humans of New York

Humans of New York Creatives

HONY is a blog, Facebook page, and more recently a book, which, through photographs and quotes tells the stories of NYC’s inhabitants. Sometimes uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking, and often inspiring, these stories weave an intricate tale of loss, bravery, poverty, illness, hope, addiction, family and love.


There are also series where Brandon, the photographer and interviewer has sought out more specific stories, including a paediatric cancer ward, prisons and Syrian refugees.


HONY is so powerful for helping you understand other people and putting a different perspective on things. Seeing things differently to others is surely a huge part of what it is to be a creative.


If That Then This


Want to do less to do more? Remove all that process heavy nonsense that turns your day into a drag and focus on the good stuff, whilst IFTT works away in the background taking care of everything.


Using “applets”, IFTT combines services to sync up together so that when X does something, Y responds. Post an Instragram photo? Have it post automatically as a Tweet. Getting close to home? Turn your phone wifi on. Receive an email attachment? Have it save to Dropbox. Like a song on YouTube? Save it to your Spotify.


You can even get a notification telling you to put on sunscreen if the UV is high.


Not creative specific, but certainly helps with a lot of tasks shared by those in the creative industries.




Especially great for those who either do are are hoping to use an Agile workflow, Trello is a great Kanban tool with many uses.


You can create to do lists, manage projects, organise your calendar (personal, company or editorial), and share information. You can even use it to plan a holiday or wedding.


It also integrates with IFTT, combining two of our recommendations to give you almost unlimited options to expand its uses!


Collective Podcast


Whether you’re working, commuting, out on a walk or just relaxing at home podcasts are great for stimulating creative thought and ideas. If you’re a creative type then we highly recommend The Collective Podcast.


It’s a two man project, co-created by Andrew Hawryluk and hosted by Ash Thorp, a highly accomplished creator with a wealth of inspiring works on his portfolio, he delves into the thoughts, reasonings, beliefs and lives of some of the highest level creators out there in the world of design, illustration, visual effects, writing, painting, and programming.


The conversations are more about personal journeys and how each person found their voice and vision rather than too specifically getting into techniques and ‘what brushes do you use’ type conversations. It’s about what tools you can gather in life to put into your work and make it stand out rather than any particular technique or process.


Ash commits to everything he does with maximum intensity and intent so there are almost 150 episodes to choose from, (another advantage of not studying specific techniques or software is that the episodes never go out of date). These range from freelancers and students through to business leaders and industry veterans.


A selection of our particular favourites include:-


Ep 71 with Alberto Mielgo who talks about his work with a lot of passion and spirit.


Ep 95 with Tuna Bora, there’s a lot of honest talk here about the preactical realities and worries with being a freelancing artist.  


Ep 89 with Olly Moss, who steadfastly stands by his own ideas and principles, also 3 hours of wine drinking on Olly’s end of the interview make for an entertaining journey.


Ep 54 with Erin Sarofsy, who runs her own studio and is always kicking ass and taking names.


Ep 100 with Anthony Scott Burns, a name we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future, Anthony is a director to watch.


There are so many more to recommend, the people featured in these episodes are out there winning awards and creating new work at the highest levels and once you’ve gotten to know them you’ll be seeing their names again and again finding new levels of success.