Seven Things We Learnt At The London Book Fair

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Last week we attended the London Book Fair for the very first time, hoping to talk to people about the possibility of using Book Trailers (see example below) as an effective marketing tool. It was an incredible experience and we have learnt the follow pearls of wisdom:

  1. Digital is the next big thing


Before the exhibition started we attended the Digital Minds Conference, in which a collection of delegates met to discuss the future of digital within the publishing industry. Covering a whole range of exciting topics including new trends in Marketing, Social and Tech, Unlocking the Potential of Mobile and even Wearable Technology; the day gave an insight into the new avenues down which the industry is headed. Speakers from Facebook, Mashable, Bibliocloud and many more talked of how best harness this power to appeal to new generations.

Being a digital content provider ourselves it was great to see people engaging with the endless possibilities this can provide. It is not only the logical next step, but the most exciting one and we are thrilled to be a part of it.


  1. But everyone is terrified of digital


Regardless of how much everyone agrees digital is the next step; there is a community-felt fear of moving on from the print world. Though digital is a huge step into the future, it demands a whole change of practice and pipeline- a revolution within the industry.

The revolution is coming though, and it will snowball in no time. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in publishing and we’re so glad we’re involved.


  1. People in publishing are lovely


We met some really wonderful people during our time in London- to list them all would take to long. We would however, like to thank everyone who took the time to come and have a chat! From publishers to agents,  authors to illustrators, gamers to animators, the collection of people was diverse and made for extremely interesting conversations.



  1. As are people in gaming


We were situated in The Gaming Stand, ran by the wonderful Sam D’Elia and we neighbored some lovely and extremely talented digital businesses with some big ideas. We loved being part of the gaming collective. Each company was well chosen to have complimentary and collaborative skill sets, forming effective working relationships for the future.


  1. The Olympia is really big


Even by the end of the last day, we hadn’t quite got our heads around just how vast the space at Olympia is. It’s a really beautiful venue- especially during the wonderful weather we had as the sun poured in through the huge windows and lit up the halls with golden, natural light.




  1. Comfy shoes really are essential


We read a lot of warning from previous fair attendees: COMFY SHOES ARE A MUST! It was the ultimate truth- by 2pm Day One we were dragging the heels of our smart brogues with disdain. Comfies, every time.


  1. We would recommend it!


The Book Fair was exhausting, exciting and inspiring. We had a brilliant time and would recommend it to just about anyone and everyone. Thank you everyone at LBF15 for a fabulous week!


To take a look at the Bitter Sixteen Book Trailer, see below: