The Ship – Channel 4 Random Acts



Channel 4, as part of The Random Acts Project


April – August 2016


After successfully pitching an idea, Business Development Manager (and film graduate) Tash was granted a production fund to make a three minute short, as part of The Channel 4 Random Acts Project, a platform for films made by a variety of both established and debut artist filmmakers. Tash was one of the First Acts filmmakers, a collection of 16 – 24 year olds who are funded through an initiative with The Arts Council England. The team then worked on creating this unusual style of animation.

The Ship, is a short animation that tells the story of an incidental fault line right on the border of Devon and Cornwall, that causes Cornwall to break off and sail away. Dripping with satire and embedded with a political undertone, the lighthearted film is set to the tune of a sea shanty.

The unusual origami style was almost entirely made in CGI, though some environments and props were created from real life photos of Cornwall using the Autodesk 123D Catch software.

Since being premiered on the Channel 4 Random Acts website, The Ship has now made Official Selection for both The Plymouth Film Festival and The TMC London Film Festival.