Sleeping Beauties Book Trailer





September 2017

Stephen King Cinematic Book Trailer



Hodder & Stoughton


The Brief:


Stephen King and son Owen King have collaborated on a new release, Sleeping Beauties, a dark tale of a terrible “sleeping sickness” taking over in a small town of the US. We were tasked with creating a cinematic book trailer that communicates the theme and tone of the book, without giving too much away. As a Halloween timed release of a thriller / horror, we wanted to create suspense and intrigue, giving away just enough to entice the viewers.


Referencing classic title sequences, of course including current favorite Stranger Things, this trailer teases the audience with clues to the plot.


Stephen King himself has shared the trailer both on Twitter and Facebook, seemingly very impressed with the final result. The video has been viewed nearly 1m times.



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