Junior Mini Croissant (Case Study)

Meet Junior. Junior Mini Croissant.



Two years ago, we were approached by someone at Wafra International to create an animated advert for a Lebanese / Syrian Croissant company, and we have now presented the final ad which was broadcast during Arab’s Got Talent on MBC.


From storyboards to final ad, we have worked at every stage to make something we are really proud of.


Way back when, the first email we received read as follows:


Wafra International, is a leading producer of mini croissant  in the MENA region, we use the best ingredients from Europe, our products are free of hydrogenated oils / artificial colourings and flavourings, our main audience are kids 4-16 years old and their mothers (power of purchase), however you will be surprised that adults enjoy our products as well, our factory has been built under international standards and we have ISO and IFS certificates,


We focus on building our brand “Junior” in all markets and we have succeeded in creating brand loyalty as well,
Wafra has produced a TVC for Junior 3 years go,  in addition we have a Facebook page with high engagement rate.


Now we want to create another commercial video to be used on TVs and on social network sites, we think creating an animation video will help in creating emotional bond with our audience, and for that reason we are seeking several agencies worldwide to give us a tailor-made proposal,
We are seeking a creative agency who understands our DNA and has the right passion to live our brand, once you will check the above links you will notice that we have our own character, that we always seek to position it as a hero, and for sure it needs to be uplifted,


This is exactly the kind of brief that gets us feeling giddy with excitement. It’s hugely creative, will be put out to a big audience and it’s all underlined with being a bit unusual.  We knew this was a job for us.


The stages of an animated advert


So where do you even start?

Once we had secured the project, the first step was brain storming and  storyboarding. How do we use 30 – 45 seconds to sell Junior? Through lots of ideas, rounds of discussion and reiterations, the client settled on the idea that the croissant family work in a factory producing the mini croissants. The key features the client wanted included was that it was healthy, delicious, fun for kids and approved by mothers.


storyboard animation


Next priority. Junior needed a makeover!


TVC animation


We started off with lots of concept artwork, designing different variations of Junior, asking ourselves questions such as  “Where do his eyes go?” You can see that something as simple as this really changes his character.


concept art junior mini croissant


This was the stage in which we allowed the client to be as prescriptive as they wanted to be. It is much easier to make tweaks earlier on. Through several iterations and client feedback, this gave us the main character; Junior as we know him today!


junior mini croissant character animation


Then, he needed modelling in 3D, rigging, texturing and lighting. Here he is!



But it wasn’t just Junior, there was a whole family of croissants to design.


aniamted TVC grandma croissant


animation character worker animation character baby


As well as the characters, we needed to create the factory in which all the croissants are produced. We designed concept artwork, sharing with the client so we could hone in on exactly what they wanted. The task was tricky, as they wanted a blend of industrial and homely, getting across both the scale of the operation, as well as the care taken over each individual croissant.


Concept art animation A Concept art animation B Concept art animation C Concept art animation D Concept art animation E


The inside was also meticulously designed. We needed the space to feel big, and the infrastructure to be really impressive. The actual factory produces two million croissants a day (!), and we needed to get this scale across, whilst still maintaining a magical feeling.

concept art animation interior


Once we had all the characters and environments, it was time to put the whole thing together and animate, light and render. We were also sent the (super catchy) music, and animated the croissants dancing and singing along.



We then delivered the final version you can see at the top, for its TV air date.

So there we have it, a start to finish project for an animated advert. This is indeed, how we roll.

animation advert

Though this project took a long time due to pauses in production, we can generally turn something of this level round in a few months.

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