Exoplanet CGI Press Still


University of Exeter



February and May 2018



In conjunction with our 360 Exoplanet video we worked on with University of Exeter and We The Curious, which has now reached more that 1.2 million views on YouTube, we were asked to create CGI Press Still of two major space discoveries. Scientists often have new research findings posted in magazines and we were approached to create some accurate imagery which would illustrate the content of their research. The two images consisted in showing Hubble detecting an Exoplanet with glowing atmosphere – hot enough to boil iron! – and the discovery of a massive exoplanet with a comet tail of helium.



We were thrilled to work with University of Exeter on this project again, and contribute to shouting about these cutting edge discoveries in the field of space and astrophysics. It was even more exciting as our work featured on NASA‘s website!! The trick to our success was to work really closely with the scientists, as we were keen to deliver both scientifically accurate and visually striking CGI imagery, amassing far reaching press coverage. The CGI press still and supporting research were also featured on The Verge, New Scientist, Space, Wired, CNN, The Telegraph, and many others.


CGI Still