Coca-Cola Tết Animated TV Advert

coke animated tv advert 02



Coca-Cola, working with Ogilvy Vietnam



September – November 2017



The agency (Ogilvy) had already shot a live action TV advert for Coke Tet (short for Tết Nguyên Đán – Vietnamese New Year). We were required to model, composite and animate birds into the animation to run alongside the bird themed campaign the client was running.



There were three different limited edition cans (to represent couples, families and community). We created three different designs of the birds to interact with certain scenes. The client was specific in wanting a smooth and sleek animation, so we developed the flight path of the birds to move gracefully, weaving in and out of the action on screen. We actually created more complex versions of the birds, but the client wanted it clean and crisp, so we simplified them in order to deliver this.

It was important for the client that the birds highlighted the important moments between family, friends and couples. We had to think carefully about the flight paths, and where to hold the birds for a beat.

We also did small visual add-ons such as fizz and bubbles in the close ups of the coke bottle, to heighten the appealing look of the drink.


Tết 2018 is being celebrated 9th – 26th February.