Are You Ready For 2020?

Huawei in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather


Sept- Oct 2015



The creative team at Engine House were tasked with creating three thirty-second expo animations, each telling the story of a new digital innovation – 4.5G Virtual Reality, Pizza-delivering drones and Driverless Cars to be unveiled at a global conference in Hong Kong. Huawei were after a strong cartoony style, a clean “Disney” look, which would evoke emotion and compassion to bring their stories to life.



A striking look was imperative; Engine House used the speed and efficiency of 3D computer-generated imagery to craft something more like traditional drawn animation to emotively demonstrate the ways in which this incredible new technology can benefit us all. Working from storyboards provided by the agency, Engine House designed all characters and locations, dictating the visual style and atmosphere, in a turnaround time of only five weeks.


“We chose Engine House because after working with them previously I knew that they are a company that can deliver, top cinematic VFX on time and at high quality.  The level of service on offer was excellent, not only are they creative but they are super passionate about their work.  


With cinematic aesthetics and strong storytelling there was no doubt that the commercials would reach the success they had.  They exceeded both agency expectations but also client expectations.  We really look forward to the next collaboration”.


– Project: Huawei MBB Conference 2015 – 3x30sec Commercials, Stuart Howe, Ogilvy & Mather (HK), Director