Movie mash-ups we want to see

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Ever wished two of your favourite movies would just collide and become one?

Well wish no more as we present you with five delightful mash-ups we’d be queueing up to watch. We put on out best pun hats, and dreamed up mad-cap collaborations that took two generally distinctly opposing themes and drove them into each other at 100mph.

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Movie Mash-ups 1: 10 Thing I Hate About You and Despicable Me

10 Things Gru


Movie Mash-ups 2: Borat and Ratatouille



Movie Mash-ups 3: James Bond and Legally Blonde

Legally Bond


Movie Mash-ups 4: Trading Places and Face Off

Trading Faces


Movie Mash-ups 5: Con Air And Harry Potter

Ron Air


And if you think these are bad, you should have seen the ones we discounted.