Five Reasons to Promote Your Book Using Video

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People say never judge a book by its cover, but of course we all do. But what if there was another option? What if we could judge a book by its trailer?


These days it is rare to go and watch a film at the cinema without having seen the trailer beforehand. This method of marketing has now been embraced by the game industry and new releases are sold on high budget advert spectaculars that create a huge buzz and shares with its captive audience an entire world around the stories within the game. So why can this success not be applied to book marketing?

In terms of online marketing, video is a hugely effective tool. A video satisfies both the consumer’s need for information and entertainment. Still not convinced? Here at five reasons why video is a great way to promote your book.


  1. Video Content Is King


Impressive stuff!


  1. It’s a great piece of content to share

We’ve all heard of videos going “viral” and its no surprise when you look at the rate videos are shared, and on a huge range of sites; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine… the list could and does go on.

Engaging and targeted content also gives your book a really strong voice within the competitive online marketplace. It’s not about simply throwing a video out there, with the hope of its instantly trending and being watched on all 5 continents, but developing video content as part of a well thought through effective marketing campaign.


  1. You can create events around the screening of the video

Why stop at simply making a video? Get it out there! What better excuse to throw yourself a bit of a party after all your hard work and get a load of bigwigs to sit down and see for themselves why your book is worth their time and interest. This can also be a great PR opportunity, networking opportunity and all round celebration of your work.


  1. It can convey the tone and heart of your book

We’ve all picked up a book, glossed over the blurb, flipped through the pages and put it back down again. There may have been nothing that deterred us from the book, but nothing that grabbed our attention either.

In today’s instantaneous society, people’s reluctance to invest time in something unknown can be difficult to avoid. With a book trailer, we can extend the power of the written word, by instantly communicating the book’s voice, tone, mood and style with an audience.


  1. It’s a valuable investment in your book marketing

The prices range drastically, and though you pay for what you get, don’t feel like you have to throw a Hollywood budget after your book. This is an investment worth looking in to, as the rewards will be much greater than the cost, driving sales through promotion and awareness.

The pros are endless, as are the possibilities of what can be achieved. The book trailer industry hasn’t yet taken off and so marketing your book in this way will make it stand out from the crowd.



Here at Engine House we work hard to produce beautiful and engaging content to sell ideas, brands and stories. If you’d like to talk to someone who can help you put the wheels in motion to put a book trailer into production, get in contact today!