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Catty Flores

Catty Flores



Now that we had many creative decisions in place, we felt that it was time to make some big strides on the visual side of the project.


We knew that the visual style and animation style was a huge factor in our pitch as a whole, so our plan was to create a five minute short as a proof of concept. This is then something that can be used for pitching, for the festival circuit, and simply as a learning exercise for us.


We had stumbled across a platform called Artella, almost a kind of Kickstarter but for artistic talent. It allows you to showcase your project and advertise roles within the team that you are looking for. You then snap up the talent, and can use Artella as an online workspace using the cloud to share work and feedback.


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Mike Red


Delving deeper, we learnt that the site was run by ex-Pixar animator Bobby Beck, and after some conversations with him, we knew Artella was the perfect next step in our journey.


The first thing we needed to do was to create our project page. This was a background on the film, its visual style and the team we were looking for. Once that was together, we were up and running, accepting talented artists onto the team. As the crew began to grow, we were thrilled to be made a featured project after just a few weeks. Amazing work started rolling in, almost too much for us to keep up with!


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Kristen Maslanka


One thing we have noticed on Artella is a really strong female representation, and the majority of concept artists we have drawn to the project are women. Is this due to the nature of Artella, the fact it’s volunteer based, or because it’s in the creative concept stage, or because of the subject nature of the project? Either way we are really pleased to find it to be the case!


As we continue to learn and grow, Artella has given us fresh perspective of managing a team. Our core business model means we are used to managing a team of freelancers from all over the world on separate jobs, but Artella has really pushed this project management side of things. With generally between 25 and 35 team members at any one time, this has been a big step of extra artists to creatively manage. Finding the time, whilst balancing our ongoing projects was a hurdle we got over by using new project management tools and practices.



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Olubumni John


Are you a 3d artist, concept designer, character modeller, storyboard artist…? Sign up to Artella, and join us as our project forges ahead, fuelled by our incredibly talented team.