Our Feature Film Starts With Artella

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We are now live on Artella!


Artella empowers you to form private, remote production crews and bring your animated creations to life. Store and manage all project files, give detailed feedback and keep everyone on your crew motivated and engaged.


There’s loads of great projects on Artella, if you are looking to get into this industry it’s a great place to build up a portfolio and get great credits. We’re really excited to kick off this process in such a collaborative way, hoping to grow a team of like-minded talented people.


As an independent animation studio we all share the dream of working on creative projects where we can try new techniques and ideas, tell great stories and scratch the itch that service work for clients just doesn’t scratch. So, we are setting out to make our own entirely original animated feature; we’re nothing short of ambitious! Back From The Dead Red looks to break the mould for how animation is made, how it looks and how it is consumed. We feel like the Artella community has come along at the right time to make projects like ours happen.


Although we’re setting out to make a feature film we are initially creating a 5 minute short which will serve as the opening 5 minutes of the film. This will help to gain audience interest and to prove that animated films can be aimed at older audiences and tackle darker subjects and themes.



Over the last 6 months we’ve been releasing assets freely from recently completed jobs, we truly believe that people learning (and working in) 3D animation benefit hugely from sharing assets, experiences and knowledge.  We’d like to continue with this, sharing our journey with this project so that other people can benefit from seeing what goes into creating an animated film.


We’ll be following up with regular posts about this journey, documenting what we have learnt, and sharing our experiences. We are also releasing free assets, tips and tricks that we pick up on the way, so watch this space!


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