Welcome To The New Engine House VFX Website!

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Welcome to the all singing all dancing brand spanking new Engine House VFX Blog!

“What can we expect from the blog?” we hear you all ask. We don’t want our blog to be a shameful self-promotional showcase that you don’t want to read, we want to bring you articles that are interesting, funny and useful. So, expect to see how-tos, industry news, top tens, guide tos, staff picks and much, much more. We also hope to bring a bit of humour and fun to your day with video clips, gifs and the outright bizarre things we find on the Internet!

Whilst you’re here why not also peruse our brand new website? You could check out our latest work or for a more “behind the scenes” feel why not check out A Cup of Tea at Engine House a short video we made about the CGI process down below?!

Keep your eyes peeled and more blogs will be on their way soon!

Until next time,


The Engine House Team