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    Very Practical Effects

    To get your hands on free ink assets, take a look at the bottom of the page!


    When sitting at your desk and starting a new creative task, your natural instinct is to dive onto the internet and start searching for material and references to use. Creating your own practical effects would…Read More

  • AnimationBlogCornwall

    5 Reasons Why it's Good To Work With A Small Business

    We come under the “SME” umbrella, but that’s a pretty wide berth.


    Working from a core team of three, augmented by incredibly talented freelancers from all over the world, we have taken on projects that would make companies many times the size of us sweat.


    Functioning as a small business can be…Read More

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    As a VFX and Animation Studio, Do We Do Filming?

    As a VFX and animation studio, do we do filming?

    Yes we do.

    Well, kind of.

    This is our creative process.

    We were approached by Zephyr Creative who are temporary neighbours just down the corridor here at Krowji. They wanted to collaborate on a project for Dynamax, the details of which are still under wraps…Read More

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    Animation in Numbers

    How We Can Create 60 Seconds of Animation in 3D in 5 Weeks

    One of our strengths at Engine House is working efficiently – sometimes at super speed! We thrive on animation projects with a quick turnaround time, as we get to use all our skills and creative ingenuity to get…Read More