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    Here's What You Always Wanted To Know About Animation

    There are many myths and misconceptions circling the animation and CGI world, and a quick Google search only proves this point. Searching on Google for open questions such as “Is animation…” and “Does CGI…”, I noted down the most varied and shocking suggestions, deciding to take them to one of…Read More

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    Stop Over-Thinking, Start Doing (with free character rigs)


    Check the bottom of the page to download your free character rigs.


    We generally create animated content for clients, so we often wonder what would happen if there was no client at all, what if we just made something ourselves? What are we going to make? Is that idea good enough?…Read More

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    GPU Rendering and the Render Beast

    When the lights are off, and nobody is in, all is quiet and peaceful…. except for this – the beast machine chomping through renders like a bat out of GPU rendering hell.

    The only machine of its kind, the Render Beast is the prized possession of our office. Hand built to…Read More

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    A Halloween Win in Berlin for Nightland

    As Halloween looms closer, we have some great news…

    Nightland won Best Horror Short at the European Short Film Festival!

    It’s a great example of how some relatively straightforward and selective VFX elements can really add to the narrative and the production value of a short film on a limited budget.

    We were…Read More