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    Random Acts Success!

    This is a very short post just to let you know that our recent secret project ‘The Ship’ has been selected by Channel 4 for the Random Acts Website!

    Back in April, Tash went along to a weekend’s boot camp, after her pitch was selected by Bristol based production company Calling The…Read More

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    Film Funding: Everything You Need To Know


    So you’ve got an idea, an amazing idea for a film or TV series. If only you had the money to get it created.

    You need to get funding, but the world of creative funding can seem daunting with a million different options out there, all with a lengthy application process.

    It’s…Read More

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    We Work In Cornwall- This Is Why


    Cornwall: famous for golden beaches, cream teas and Ross Poldark.

    Some people are under an illusion that you can’t have a career or business in Cornwall. It’s too far away from anywhere. It’s too far behind the times. Nothing goes on. As an animation studio based in the county, we are…Read More

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    A Day in The Life of Engine House VFX

    When asked what it is you do for a living and your response is “I work in animation”, people’s go to reaction is usually a smile, an enthusiastic nod of the head and an “Oh cool!”


    People know what it means, but don’t really know what it means.


    “So do you like,…Read More