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    Composition - How To Make The Shot Look Good

    We’ve been having such a positive response to our asset giveaways that we’ve decided to post assets, scenes and helpful tips, tricks and tutorials from projects we work on. We believe there’s so much to learn from seeing real files and examples from real animation studio projects, and today’s offering…Read More

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    Six 2017 Recommendations For Creatives

    In today’s modern society, we have untapped resources on everything. Want to eat healthy? Buy a book, read a blog, pin a recipe, tweet for suggestions – the content is out there.


    As creatives, we like to have our ears to the ground and to be in touch with ideas. Sometimes…Read More

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    Here’s What You Didn’t Know Was CGI

    CGI is heavily criticised, a simple Google search brings up suggestions including “Why is CGI so expensive” “Why is CGI so bad”. As fighters of the cause, we always refer back to this example though, that CGI is only bad when you notice it. Great CGI tricks you into thinking…Read More