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    Feature Film Production Diary Vol 2

    Last time we ended on the monumental decision to make a feature film.


    The next step was a pretty big one. What was the film going to be about?


    We like to call the sitting down and brainstorming of random ideas “monkey tennis”, ala Alan Partridge, so we sat around and monkey tennis-ed…Read More

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    Six Anime GreatsTo Get You Started

    With the upcoming release of Ghost in the Shell as a live action movie, it’s reminded us of the awesomeness of the original animated movie. Anime offers such a wealth of cultural story telling and experiences that differs from more western approaches to animation, but for a lot of people…Read More

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    Our Feature Film Starts With Artella

    We are now live on Artella!


    Artella empowers you to form private, remote production crews and bring your animated creations to life. Store and manage all project files, give detailed feedback and keep everyone on your crew motivated and engaged.


    There’s loads of great projects on Artella, if you are looking to…Read More