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    Seven Things We Learnt At The London Book Fair


    Last week we attended the London Book Fair for the very first time, hoping to talk to people about the possibility of using Book Trailers (see example below) as an effective marketing tool. It was an incredible experience and we have learnt the follow pearls of wisdom:

    Digital is the next…Read More

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    Five Reasons to Promote Your Book Using Video


    People say never judge a book by its cover, but of course we all do. But what if there was another option? What if we could judge a book by its trailer?


    These days it is rare to go and watch a film at the cinema without having seen the trailer…Read More

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    Engine House at Penwith College


    Engine House’s Mike Richter took a day out of the office last week to visit local students at Penwith College.

    The first year Foundation Degree in Computer Games Design and Production students were pitching 2D infinite runner games which they have been recently developing. The winning ideas are going into production and will…Read More

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    Welcome To The New Engine House VFX Website!

    Welcome to the all singing all dancing brand spanking new Engine House VFX Blog!

    “What can we expect from the blog?” we hear you all ask. We don’t want our blog to be a shameful self-promotional showcase that you don’t want to read, we want to bring you articles that are…Read More