• BlogFilm

    Movie mash-ups we want to see

    Ever wished two of your favourite movies would just collide and become one?

    Well wish no more as we present you with five delightful mash-ups we’d be queueing up to watch. We put on out best pun hats, and dreamed up mad-cap collaborations that took two generally distinctly opposing themes and drove…Read More

  • AnimationBlogFilm

    20 Best Voice Performances in Animated Movies


    When all the movements, facial expressions and body language of a character fall to computer imagery, the human element relies heavily upon the emotion and tone of the voice performance. There are hundreds of incredible voice performances in the history of animated movies, but here are 20 we can’t get…Read More

  • AnimationBlogCornwall

    We've Moved!


    The kettle is boiling, the desks are in place and we’ve 3D printed an office sign, which means we are officially moved in to our new digs.

    We absolutely love our new office and can’t wait to get cracking on all our new endeavors in such an arty space. We have…Read More

  • BlogVR

    Why Virtual Reality Is Important For Your Business


    It’s 2015. We have pictures of Pluto’s surface. We can 3D print prosthetic limbs. There is a plane that folds into a car (For Real). But what everyone is talking about is that we can place someone in a virtual reality experience more believable and immersive than ever before.


    Why is…Read More