• AnimationBlog

    How To Write a Kick Ass Animation Brief

    Writing an animation brief is such an important driver as to what makes a great and effective video. But where do you even start?

    Clients and agencies are often well versed in writing project briefs, but something as subjective as an animation can be hard to set out into a prescriptive list…Read More

  • Film

    Feature Film Production Dairy Vol 5

    Welcome back to our continuing journey into the feature film world.


    We are super behind in the telling of our story, (sorry!) and we now need to look back to ten months ago, when we hopped on a plane and jetted off to the beautiful city of Bordeaux to attend Cartoon…Read More

  • BlogCGI

    How CGI product visualisations will change how you sell

    To many, CGI seems like  a far off space age technology, reserved only for those with Hollywood budgets. Nowadays, though, that is not the case. CGI is  much more attainable, with the software now more easily accessible. Knowledge and skills are improving, and now high-end CGI can be created for…Read More