Back From The Dead Red


There were very few female pirates, and only one that came back from the dead…


Inspired by the true story of Jacquotte Delahaye, aka Back From The Dead Red. In the 17th-century Caribbean, an orphaned young woman trying to care for her disabled brother and escape the victimisation of the cruel governor and other men, magically evades death to discover a new life as a pirate, and strives to create an idealistic, equal, classless society – but is ultimately thwarted by betrayal.


The film explores Red’s struggles with the authorities, her adventures out at sea, her familial guilt, and her creation of the ‘Freebooter Republic’, a Utopian pirate paradise island – all the while refusing to conform to anyone’s ideas of what a woman should be or do. She would rather die than be commanded.


short film teaser


Aimed at 16-30 year olds through a sophisticated mix of 3D and cell-shaded styles, this neo-noir influenced action adventure will appeal to audiences familiar with comic book genres and Japanese anime films. Featuring a strong, witty, kick-ass, deeply flawed protagonist, Back From The Dead Red tackles darker themes less associated with animated films, such as sexism, oppression and violence – themes very relevant today. We anticipate this film to have international appeal through the visual style, female lead, geographic setting and tone.


The idea for the film is the shared vision of Mike Richter, Jason Robbins and Natasha Price who form the award winning animation studio and production company, Engine House.


Check out the teaser trailer below!



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