As a VFX and Animation Studio, Do We Do Filming?

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As a VFX and animation studio, do we do filming?


Yes we do.


Well, kind of.


This is our creative process.


We were approached by Zephyr Creative who are temporary neighbours just down the corridor here at Krowji. They wanted to collaborate on a project for Dynamax, the details of which are still under wraps – so we can’t talk specifics at this stage but we figured you’d still want to have a nosey at how this stuff works.


Initial discussions on any project are just about getting a sense of how the brand or product is to be represented and what the end goals are. We are really excited about this one as we were able to take the reigns on how it was going to be executed visually, but at the same time make more than simply content that’s nice to look at. Zephyr provided us with initial storyboard ideas, brief and style guide, and we got creative, weaving their ideas into new ones of our own.


As a studio your long term plan is to have clients that come back to you again and again, and that comes from them seeing a real benefit to their business in terms of exposure, engagement and hopefully some sales along the way.  That in turn comes from embracing and responding to your client’s needs, and luckily VFX and animation are awesome at all of that, delivering high impact messages in a fast efficient way.


We’ve got the info, what’s next? We go away and grab a bunch of existing examples online and put them all together into a second moodboard to demonstrate what we have in our minds. There was lots of nodding from Zephyr, so we move onto storyboards and styleframes. Storyboards lay out the exact story that we want to tell and give us a framework we can then follow. It doesn’t mean the final result will be exactly the same, you will discover ideas and opportunities along the way, but it’s a framework everyone can reference from then on.


Styleframes are when you create a still image that shows in more detail the look of the final work, and for this project we created several to demonstrate different possible approaches and the client can then pick out what they like and approve from there.


So now we have the story and we know what it looks like, let’s get filming!


VFX Shoot


We work with a great production company called BigSmallTV who handle our filming (or ‘live action’ as it’s commonly referred to). Once they are on board, the organising starts.


Your budget defines how much time and how many people you can have involved, once you get all those people together you have to capture all the footage you need in just a couple of days so it requires experience and organisation which BigSmallTV have many years of.


They source the location, equipment, health and safety forms, catering, make up, props, set team, plus have all the questions that we never even realise we should be asking.  They also take care of scheduling everything so we know exactly when we need to be getting each shot to get the whole piece filmed.


Then we’re off to London! We wave goodbye to sandy beaches and head to the city for two intense shoot days, I’m happy to report everything went really well, the team worked brilliantly. Once you’re on set everyone should know what it is they are doing, so you just let everyone do their jobs and trust the team. We were even ahead of schedule on day one! Huge shout out to Matt Beckett for being on point on that.


So that’s that, we’re now back in Cornwall, have stared at the sea for a bit, and have a hard drive full of awesome Dynamax footage.


From here we’ll go through it all, find the awesomeness and put it all together, adding the VFX, the grade, music and sound effects, and as soon as it’s launched we’ll have it online for you to see and enjoy.