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How We Can Create 60 Seconds of Animation in 3D in 5 Weeks


One of our strengths at Engine House is working efficiently – sometimes at super speed! We thrive on animation projects with a quick turnaround time, as we get to use all our skills and creative ingenuity to get the job done. Recently, we worked on a great project which required a pipeline usually spread out over several months, condensed into a handful of weeks.


Working from a rough animatic, we needed to model and rig the four characters, create the seven environments, animate a 45 and a 60 second version, and edit with music, sound effects and dialogue.


In five weeks.


We worked extremely efficiently to achieve something really impressive within the restraints of time, but we also made sure we enjoyed the process, to ensure our best creativity was unleashed. We always produce our best work when we are really excited by a project, and the client expected an extremely high end finish with incredible visuals, making that absolutely what needed to be delivered.


Having new versions almost everyday to send to the client was essential, and was enabled by our internal rendering system. This is something we have invested in, creating a unique machine that can handle huge amounts of processing in very short amounts of time. It was custom built especially for us, and is a one of a kind – meaning we can get through rendering in a fraction of the time traditional render farms can. Over the course of the project, we delivered 24 submissions  one short of every single day!


Working in an Agile way helped us deliver this mammoth task. Overlapping processes whilst we waited for feedback or updates meant we weren’t waiting to complete each stage before moving on to the next. Starting on the animation before all of the environments and characters were fully complete was essential – every moment spent in the office needed to be put to good use!


We work with extremely talented people from all over the globe, and this project required the work of six artists, clocking in for 175 hours. Working with hand-picked talent means we always find the right person for the job – the person with the particular skill or style we are in need of. 


We are currently having to wait until we can share the details of this project, but we look forward to revealing the funny and characterful animation with you as soon as we can – hopefully with some big news of where its headed!