Animated Book Covers

As the power of social media grows and grows, many businesses are tapping into the power of animation, as a method of standing out from the crowd in an over-saturated timeline, barely glanced at as it is scrolled through. With GIFs becoming a widely shared format, having a large stopping and sharing power. When scrolling through a myriad of still images, even simple animation can stand out. This can be particularly true within the publishing industry.

We create looping aniamted book cover GIFs, as well as up to two minute trailers. Click here to see our collection of book trailers.

Working with the artwork, we create stunning animated imagery for use of Social Media, optimised for each platform, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or integrated into part of your website.

Always with the “brand” of the book in mind, we build on the existing story told within the cover imagery; and create something beautiful and intriguing, drawing an audience into wanting to know more.

Below is a selection of our most recent animated book covers:

Mr Mercedes Animated Book cover

Finders Keepers Animated Book Cover

End of Watch Animated Book Cover

On the recent Stephen King animated book covers we produced, we were told that the final cover in the trilogy was the most successful post of all time off King’s own Facebook page. This was even beating sponsored posts. Check out this video to find out more about how animated book marketing could help promote your book. 

Moonstone Animated Book Cover

Caraval Animated Book Cover

Bazaar of Bad Dreams Animated Book Cover

Bill Bailey Animated Book Cover

“Engine House are my go to for beautiful, eye-catching animations. They’re a pleasure to work with”.

Project: Various Animated Book Covers.  Fleur Clarke, Hodder and Stoughton, Senior Digital Marketing Executive.