A Halloween Win in Berlin for Nightland

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As Halloween looms closer, we have some great news…

Nightland won Best Horror Short at the European Short Film Festival!

It’s a great example of how some relatively straightforward and selective VFX elements can really add to the narrative and the production value of a short film on a limited budget.

We were asked to do some basic, yet effective VFX on this short. We executed a giant, cinematic dust cloud sitting on the horizon which forms the titular Night Land, and a reflection of the cloud into an approaching shot whilst the film lead looks out of the window.

window original

window vfx

car original

car vfx

car vfx post production

We don’t want to give away too much, but this spooky short is perfect for a cosy Halloween evening.

Congratulations to Director Christian Burnett and the team involved. You can watch the trailer, check out behind-the-scenes photos, and find out more about the film here.

The festival run is now complete, hopefully it will be available to view for free online soon. We’ll update you with the info when that happens.