8 Advertising Campaigns we need back on our screens

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TV advertising is officially 60 years old this week. Throughout the years we have seen everything from the brilliant to the bizarre to the downright awful, but which advertising campaigns have stayed in our memories, and which would we love to see grace our screen once again?

Here are eight we’d love to see make a come back.



Jaffa Cake – Total Eclipse


A classic, which made it onto our Twitter feeds during the last solar eclipse to remind us of what a truly brilliant advert it was. Is this how this woman teaches all her classes? We hope so.




Honda -The Cogs


This advert was utter perfection, and unbelievably shot in only two takes. Looking effortlessly cool, the production actually took an entire week to shoot and was judged using rail and error and a lot of outtakes! One simply wasn’t enough. Get on it right now, Honda!




Budweiser – Wassup


Best advert ever? Quite possibly. A cult classic, this advert was to be ever quoted by fans and parodied for years to come. Don’t fib; we’ve all done it – “Wasssssuuuuuuuuup”.




Sony – Bouncing Balls


One of the most striking adverts, this stunning tribute to colour had us transfixed as we watched thousands of bouncy balls tumble down a San Francisco street the to silky voice of Jose Gonzales.




Skoda – Cake Car


What’s next? Veg car? Cheese car? CHOCOLATE CAR?? We need more tasty treats, and we can’t wait for this round of GBBO.




T-Mobile – Life’s For Sharing


It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, This three minute spectacular deserves an entire ad break dedicated to it (and many more, please!) A huge airport comes to life as various singing and dancing flash mobs takes place. It’s brilliant, and quite a tearjerker.




Crunchie – Get that Friday Feeling


We all felt a little more Fri-yay when this advert came on our screens, and who doesn’t want to see a chocolate bar turn into a super cool rollercoaster?




Milkyway – Good Old Blue


Who has never caught themselves singing “Good old blue he took the milky way? No one. That is who. Ever catchy and iconic, this race between two cars is as beautiful as it is memorable.