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    YA Book Trailers and Why You Should Be Using Them


    YA literature is big business, and is a well loved and essential segment of the book market. But in the mass of today’s online world, how do you target teenagers and young adults in order to sell them books?


    I don’t need to tell you that these people spend their time…Read More

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    How CGI product visualisations will change how you sell

    To many, CGI seems like  a far off space age technology, reserved only for those with Hollywood budgets. Nowadays, though, that is not the case. CGI is  much more attainable, with the software now more easily accessible. Knowledge and skills are improving, and now high-end CGI can be created for…Read More

  • AnimationBack From The Dead RedFilm

    Feature Film Production Diary Vol 2

    Last time we ended on the monumental decision to make a feature film.


    The next step was a pretty big one. What was the film going to be about?


    We like to call the sitting down and brainstorming of random ideas “monkey tennis”, ala Alan Partridge, so we sat around and monkey tennis-ed…Read More