Back From The Dead Red

One day we collectively decided to make a feature film – after all, why not?

We found a story – one about a bad ass female pirate no less, and got stuck in.

Check out the teaser trailer below!



There were very few female pirates, and only one that came back from the dead.


Back From The Dead Red, a fearless pirate motivated by her father’s murder and need to care for her autistic brother, became one of the most notorious pirates of the 17th Century.


An exile wanted on the mainland, the film explores Red’s struggles with her past, her adventures out at sea, and her creation of ‘Freebooter Republic’, a Utopian pirate paradise island.


Commanding a ragtag band of pirates on adventures across the high seas and on the island, Red relentlessly pursues her dream of creating a fair and equal society on the island at all costs.


back from the dead red film


Next month we travel to Bordeaux to attend Cartoon Movie, meeting production partners, financiers and distributors. 

We want to take you on this journey with us, which is why we will be releasing free assets, tutorials and behind the scenes as we go.

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